About Terroir des Etoiles

Terroir des Etoiles is the fruit of a collective dream, which brought together a group of women in a local produce cooperative.

A dream a dream that becomes reality and transformed into a vision based on a

sustainable economic development.

The most important keys of our success are:

  • A unique selection of high quality terroir products from several regions in Morocco
  • We understand the needs of each customer and we provide a perfect assistance
  • 100satisfaction Guarantee: Our customers are happy and they come back to us 

To achieve our goals in protecting the environment, we work together with several local partners, and we create value from the ancestral knowledge of the cooperative members in order to produce high quality terroir products that meet the requirements of international markets.

During our long experience in the terroir products market, we were trying to multiply our production capacity and develop new marketing strategies and production lines to cover all the needs of this market.

We have also established successful business relationships with new cooperatives in order to expand our offer with new local products from different regions in Morocco.

Today, in addition to spices, we are offering other important terroir products such as honey, olive oil, several kind of Moroccan couscous, cereals and many other local products.

Our Cooperatives